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If you are a recruiter wishing to signal your sign of support of the EJME Virtual 2022, please fill in the registration form here.

To see a list of recruiters supporting the EJME 2022, please visit here

Scroll down for information on how to post your job positions on, the EJME's partner organization.

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Advertising Positions and Sharing Materials on

There are a number of platforms where recruiters can list their postings, and where candidates can search them. EJME recommends that recruiters and candidates use This is one of the most consolidated of these platforms, developed by academic economists for the job market for economists. handles search listings, the transmission of applications and letters of recommendation, and interview scheduling. Details on how to use are below:

  • To establish a recruiter account, first register as a user at and then request the “recruiter” role. Recruiters new to the system can post their first job advertisement for free.

  • Be sure to specify that you are interviewing at the EJME. Note that you can also specify whether you will be interviewing at the ASSA meetings. is used for both meetings and you can make arrangements for the two meetings independently in the system.

  • Recruiters are strongly encouraged to accept applications, or at least letters of recommendation, via the EconJobMarket system. When creating a job posting, there are options to collect all application materials, letters only, or all application materials through a different channel outside of

  • The application form that is received through is entirely customizable (including questions and documents to be submitted). There are also templates for standard job searches (junior faculty search, senior faculty search, etc.).

  • Recruiters can easily search and view applications in the system, as well as download spreadsheet files of the applicant data and complete application packets. You can also arrange to transfer application data to a separate review system, such as HiRE, Head Hunter, or your own internal personnel system.

  • If you want to recruit at the EJME but do not want to advertise a position, will provide a feature that allows you to see the profiles of candidates who will attend and choose to make basic information available.

  • also helps you schedule your interviews. The interview scheduler allows you to specify interview slots for various specialty fields and select the candidates that you want to interview, and then it automatically emails the selected candidates and lets them pick interview slots within your constraints.

  • For all questions on (EJM), contact them directly here


    Neither the EEA, nor the RES, nor the SEA, co-organisers of the European Job Market (EJME) are responsible for the content of the advertisements posted in or on any other search listing.