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Registration for EJME virtual 2022 is a sign of support for the EJME.

For a third year running, there will be no registration fee for recruiters.

Registration allows recruiters to upload key information about their departments, including links to their job postings (please note that we cannot accept to upload the posts only redirects) on the European Job Market Candidate Directory (EJME CD), which in 2021 was used by 1000 plus Candidates.

You are encouraged to register your support by October 31, 2022. This will ensure that you have the time to update your profile on the EJME CD and ensure candidates have enough time to view who is recruiting on the EJME at the time when they are making their job applications.

Once you submit this registration form, you will be contacted by  and given a link to be used to access your Recruiter profile on the EJME CD. Once this is filled in, your profile becomes public on the platform.

Timing: To ensure a coordinated market, the EJME Committee strongly recommends adhering to the following timeline:

  • Virtual First Round Interview Dates: Monday, Dec. 12 – Wednesday, Dec14, 2022. (This allows candidates to participate without conflict in the Econometric Society Winter Meeting, which is in Berlin from Dec 16-Dec 18.

  • In Person (and/or Virtual) Fly outs: January – March 2023.

  • Offers: With deadlines no earlier than February 1, 2023. As noted in the EEA statement here, there is increased awareness and concern about “exploding offers” (offers with very short deadlines or deadlines that pre-date the end of scheduled fly outs) imposing enormous stress on already stressed candidates. We urge recruiters to keep these potential costs in mind when making offers, and to eliminate the use of such offers if possible.

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